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The Race to Design Batteries for Urban Air Mobility: Molicel P45B

The Race to Design Batteries for Urban Air Mobility: Molicel P45B

December 14, 2023

Dr Yashraj Tripathy (Our Head of Product & ex-Rolls-Royce) explores eVTOL pack design using The Voltt in About:Energy’s newest blog.

📖 Read here.

Electric aviation for short-haul flights is becoming increasingly likely, but requires battery technology to advance to ensure the economics make sense for fleet operators:

🔋 Energy Density: Battery cells need above 400 Wh/kg.

🛑 Safety: Zero incidents of thermal runaway or explosion per 10,000 flights.

🪨 Charge Rate: Ability to achieve 80% charge in under 30 minutes.

🔋 Using E-One Moli Energy's latest power cell, the Molicel P45B, to evaluate pack requirements, Yashraj finds aviation pack concepts using the ‘Design System’ workflow. This involves comparisons between performance at the beginning and end of life, considering trade-offs between weight, available power, and thermal efficiency.

🔁 The 'Design System' is our recently updated data-driven tool, created to start the battery pack design process and assist engineers in expediting the initial phases of concept design.

Originally, we planned to monetize this tool. However, given the current complexity of numerous products and datasets for commercial use, we decided that offering it for free to the battery community aligned better with our values than shelving it.

To access this free tool:

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