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Our Values

Our Mission

Customer Success is Our Success

Our customers' achievements mirror our dedication and effort. By prioritising their needs and continuously seeking to exceed their expectations, we establish a successful relationship. Their victories are ours.

Transparency and Honesty

It's vital to maintain transparency and honesty. Uphold trust by being clear about our capabilities, fostering genuine relationships. Truthfulness, clarity, and reliability should underscore all interactions.

Sustainable Futures Require Long-Term Vision

A long-term perspective is paramount. By emphasising environmental responsibility, we're not only securing our business's future but also contributing to a brighter planet for upcoming generations. Every decision impacts tomorrow.

Difficult is Good

Difficulties often arise from a lack of knowledge or skills, presenting opportunities to adapt and grow. Embrace challenges to gain experience and value hard endeavours.

Take the Initiative

Everyone should be aligned with our mission. Proactively contribute towards achieving it, whether by refining processes, assisting colleagues, automating tasks, or recruiting talent.

Work should be fun

While work is serious, it should be enjoyable. We spend significant hours working; ensure they're pleasant. Find humour in situations, not at others' expense, and uphold a no-tolerance policy on bullying.

We are an equal opportunity employer

We celebrate our inclusive work environment and encourage people of all backgrounds and perspectives to apply. We're committed to having an inclusive and transparent environment where every voice is heard and acknowledged. We embrace our differences and know that our diverse team is a strength that drives our success. About:Energy is committed to developing a barrier-free recruitment process and work environment. If you require any accommodation, please email us at and we'll work with you to meet your accessibility needs.

We believe that by harnessing the power of technology and innovation, we can find solutions to the biggest challenges facing our planet. About:Energy combines world-leading expertise in battery testing and modelling to challenge the status quo and electrify technologies needed for a sustainable future.

Every day, we work together on data and models to accelerate battery commercialisation by reducing the reliance on physical research, and streamlining design, management, and lifetime prediction.

We’re dedicated to delivering superior performance, improved sustainability, and lower costs to our partners by creating a seamless modelling experience, from battery systems to simulation. With our team, we’re ready to take on the challenges to help accelerate electrification within the automotive industry and beyond.

Join us

We are scientists, developers, learners, artists, and challengers of the status quo. We will tackle the world's toughest challenges and transform the battery development landscape. We're looking for new team members who resonate with our mission - search our roles to start your career at About:Energy.

Would you like to join us?

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