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Subscription Tiers

Our battery data platform offers tiered subscriptions, allowing customers to choose the level of access and features that best suit their needs.


For those beginning their battery development process.

Enter to electrify


For those looking to leverage new technologies.

Explore new innovation


For those positioning themselves as industry leaders.

Elevate your business

The battery data platform

Browse our cell library, download state-of-the-art battery models or use our web-tools to design packs, compare cells, predict battery lifetime or explore cell anatomy.


Accelerate time-to-market

The Voltt streamlines the battery design process. It cuts down cell selection time in applications from months to days with our broad library of commercial cells. 

Reduce costs

Repeated physical prototyping requires large investments. Our offerings reduce the validation process and hence the amount of prototyping required. 

Patented & protected IP

Our patented thermal measurement method & technology ensures precise and reliable data on battery performance, setting a new standard for accuracy in the industry.

Increased accuracy

We deliver unparalleled accuracy in battery data making us world-leaders in battery modelling.


We are committed to user-friendly solutions that empower teams across all expertise levels. Navigate complex battery technology with ease using our tools.

Our white box approach

We take a "white-box approach" empowering users with a clear understanding of how our models work and where the data comes from.


Our models are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.


The Battery Data Platform

Gain access to powerful models that can help optimise battery design and extend battery life. Upgrade your battery technologies with our user-friendly platform and gain the insights necessary to make data-driven decisions.

Big Data

Our platform provides users with access to a wide variety of battery models, including cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells. This allows users to easily compare and analyse different battery types and make informed decisions about which cells are best suited for their specific needs.

White Box

Unlike traditional black box solutions, which hide the underlying models and inputs, the Voltt allows users to see inside the models. This transparency enables users to understand how our models work. The ability to see inside the models allows users to gain full insights on their batteries performance and make data-driven decisions.

Platform Agnostic

The Voltt is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. We understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency in battery analysis, and our platform is tailored to provide high-accuracy battery models, without disrupting your current software systems. Our platform is flexible and adaptable, making it easy to use, and a valuable addition to your team's toolkit.


Empirical models that predict the voltage-current behaviour of a battery

  • Benchmarking

  • System design

  • Cell selection


Physical models that predict how the battery heats up and cools down

  • Cell design

  • System design

  • Fast charging


Physical models that predict the voltage-current behaviour and the internal state (chemistry) of a battery

  • Cell design

  • Fast charging


Empirical and physical models that predict changes in battery performance and behaviour due to ageing (cumulative use and shelf-life)

  • Warranties

  • Lifetime prediction

Supply Chain

Information on composition, cost and carbon footprint for different batteries

  • Cost modelling

  • Sustainability data

Enterprise Services

Off-the-shelf models for pre-commercial batteries where the client owns the data

  • Scale-up

  • Battery management

  • System design




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