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Dr. Yashraj Tripathy

Head of Product

Yashraj has held engineering and technical leadership roles at Rolls-Royce and Warwick Manufacturing Group, specialising in battery research & consulting, and product development for aerospace and automotive applications. In recognition of his achievements, he was appointed as an Honorary Associate Professor at Warwick University. He also obtained a PhD from Warwick and a 1st Class B.E. (Honours) degree from BITS, Pilani, India.

Yashraj will lead our product portfolio, collaborating across various areas of the business and with the team. His role will expand to include delivery, customer success, and the development of future products and strategies in line with our long-term vision.

Hailing from the coastal plains of Eastern India, Yashraj firmly believes that progress in batteries is a crucial step towards achieving global net zero ambitions. He advocates for the democratisation of battery development, making it accessible to all, including new SMEs, large OEMs, and companies from the global south.

Dr. Yashraj Tripathy
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