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Use the Molicel P50B 
in Minutes, Not Months.

Revolutionise your battery development

with speed & precision.

Our Models

Seamlessly supports your internal battery development initiatives





P50B Collaboration with McMurtry

Find out how we characterised the Molicel P50b's performance for McMurtry in order to further enhance their battery pack.

Working with About:Energy feels like an extension to our in-house team. 
The benefit to us is a quicker time to market, and the benefit to our customers will be a battery pack, which has both optimised performance and enhanced lifespan.

Kevin Ukoko-Rongione

Chief Engineer, McMurtry Automotive

70% Less Time

Cut down development time from months to days through a streamlined design process. 

Patented & protected IP

Our patented thermal measurement technology delivers precise, reliable battery performance data.


Navigate complex battery technology
with ease using our tools.

90% Cheaper

Reduce costly prototyping with our streamlined validation process.

Our white box approach

 Ensures users understand our models and data sources.

Increased accuracy

Unparalleled accuracy in battery data making us world-leaders in battery modelling.

Why About:Energy?

Design batteries in minutes, not months.

Set up a meeting with Tim, one of our product experts, to learn more about our models.

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