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About:Energy launches revolutionary battery design platform, The Voltt

  • Leverages UK government investment in battery innovation, putting it at the forefront of modelling and characterisation.

  • The Voltt will be used to enhance the design of battery cells and systems in automotive, aerospace, and niche industries.

  • Path for scalable commercialisation of battery research in other UK universities.

London, UK — About:Energy announces the launch of its battery design software platform, The Voltt. The platform provides industry with access to parameterisation data and models describing commercially available Li-ion batteries, for use in engineering decision-making and models of battery systems.

The Voltt platform is a significant development in battery modelling technology, providing a comprehensive solution for battery design, testing, and optimisation. **The platform provides the tools needed to shorten R&D timelines, whilst increasing battery performance, reducing development risk, and lifting ROI on existing simulation resource.

The launch of The Voltt was hosted at The Royal Academy of Engineering, and attendees included industry leaders, researchers, policy makers, and investors. The launch showcased the first version of the platform and the company's vision for their technology roadmap.

About:Energy’s battery models are undergoing a wide range of validation, including temperature, state-of-charge, and ageing. The characterisation and modelling technologies brought into the platform were developed through research programmes at Imperial College London, University of Birmingham and The Faraday Institution.

This announcement follows the recent news that About:Energy secured a £1m government-funded project from the Faraday Battery Challenge programme to further develop its platform to predict battery ageing. The project, in partnership with Imperial College London and Arrival, will increase the core capability of About:Energy’s software platform, improve battery lifetime, and decrease the carbon footprint of systems.

Gavin White, Co-founder and CEO of About:Energy, commented:

“The team's outstanding achievement to progress from ideation to a fully operational cloud platform, built on data obtained from world-leading characterisation and modelling, has been remarkable. The launch of Voltt marks the first milestone in a series of ambitious objectives aimed at revolutionising the approach to battery system design.”

Edmund Dickinson, Head of Electrochemistry at About:Energy, commented:

“The platform collects everything about a cell in one place, from high-level datasheet information through equivalent circuit model representations to detailed physical models. As part of our commitment to ‘white-box’ scientific communication, we make documentation freely available for all models, so users can understand what the parameters mean and customise models into their workflow. We’re building on our in-house and collaborative research by extending the Voltt’s scope to add new model types and cells.”

Pam Thomas, CEO of The Faraday Institution said,

"Through the industry-directed research of our multi-scale modelling project team the UK has world-leading battery modelling tools. About:Energy was set up as a commercial vehicle to provide industry organisations with modelling capabilities and where the development of tools and parameterisation techniques are being refined further. The organisation is clearly going from strength to strength to strength, contributing to the Battery Parameterisation eXchange initiative, and further enhancing the UK’s battery development capabilities.”

About About:Energy

About:Energy is a leading battery software company headquartered in London. The company was founded in 2021 by Gavin White and Kieran O’Regan, two researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham respectively. About:Energy has focused on building a portfolio of battery measurement and modelling capabilities to provide a software solution for battery design.

About:Energy’s provides organisations with the tools needed to streamline their R&D, reducing time-to-market and enhancing battery system performance. About:Energy’s data informs better decision-making across the value chain, from mine to end-of-life. These activities include battery system design, lifetime prediction, and cell optimisation. Customers include organisations across the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries.

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