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Lifetime: Molicel P45B Degradation Data

Lifetime: Molicel P45B Degradation Data

December 13, 2023

In the battery sector, countless hours and resources are spent testing cells to derive insights that are often repetitive across companies. 'Lifetime' changes this process by offering:

⏱️ Rapid Insights: Reduce the time needed for battery degradation insights by over 95%.

💰 Cost Efficiency: Cut the costs associated with these insights by more than 70%.

The Engineering Challenge: Conducting in-house degradation experiments may seem like the ideal engineering solution, allowing full control over parameters to tailor-fit specific applications. However, this approach is often commercially impractical, involving extensive engineering time, months of waiting, and significant expenses. 'Lifetime' is our solution to centralize and streamline this activity.

Degradation data of the Molicel P45B is crucial for:

🔋 Warranty Analysis: Assessing the probability of battery failure.

🔧 Application Suitability: Evaluating if the battery will remain fit for purpose after years.

💲 Total Cost of Ownership: Determining the annual cost of a battery over its lifespan.

Reach out or sign up to 'The Voltt' to see the 60 cell ageing experiment:

Read about our ongoing project with Imperial College London to transform data into leading predictions for industry.

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