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Cell Cost Reports with Fastmarkets: Tesla 4680

Cell Cost Reports with Fastmarkets: Tesla 4680

December 4, 2023

This new report, utilizing About:Energy’s teardown data of the Tesla 4680, targets Cell, Pack, and EV manufacturers aiming to:

🛡️ Derisk Development: Anticipate raw material price fluctuations for better planning.

💰 Improve Cost: Pinpoint major factors contributing to overall expenses.

📊 Inform Investment: Enhance supply chain understanding with geographical insights.

This teardown data has been highlighted in our previous blog on why material analysis matters in supply chains (using data from our ‘Analyse Report’) and our blog on the Tesla 4680’s performance.

What does the report include:

📑 Cost Breakdown: Detailed analysis of cell manufacturing expenses.

🌍 Regional Comparison: Compare cell costs globally, including $/kWh.

🔍 Detailed Analysis: In-depth cost examination across regions, factoring in tax credits.

Full analysis with numbers to download here from Fastmarkets.

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