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BYD 4680 LFP Batteries

BYD 4680 LFP Batteries

December 20, 2023

BYD (‘Build Your Dreams’) is a leading Chinese company specializing in battery technology and electric vehicles. Founded in 1995, BYD has grown from its initial 20 employees into a global enterprise of 280,000, boasting the following achievements:

🚗 21% of China's EV market share in H1 2023

🌍 12% of the global EV battery market share in 2022

🏭 Produces cars, buses, trucks, electric bicycles, forklifts, and electric vehicle batteries

🔋 Technology includes NiMH, LFP, and NCM batteries

⚔️ Patented the blade battery design.

BYD was famously Buffett and Munger's first foray into the Chinese market in 2008, with Berkshire Hathaway paying $232 million for 10% of the company. This investment saw a 30x increase in the following decade, underscoring their belief in electric vehicles and renewable energy, and the conviction that this, at the time unknown, company would play a key role in the clean tech revolution.

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