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Welion Solid-State Pouch Battery (350 Wh/kg)

Welion Solid-State Pouch Battery (350 Wh/kg)

January 2, 2024

🚗 At 350 Wh/kg (+25% compared to the next cell in Voltt), WeLion’s 106Ah solid-state batteries have been a mainstay in News headlines as they provide automakers such as NIO a path to 1000km+ range electric vehicles.

Developing EV platforms with next-generation cells requires extensive performance and teardown data to keep system development costs low. About:Energy has been testing these batteries to centralize the data and models the automotive industry needs to understand chemistries like solid-state.

⚙️ Next-gen cells have been a popular request within About:Energy's The Voltt and we have been slowly adding more: Reach out if you are interested in the data for your tech development.

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