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Accelerating Electrification

We help customers maximise the performance of their technologies across the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and next-generation battery industries.

We transform physical batteries into digital tools to accelerate the development of new technologies.

Providing solutions agnostic to chemistry and application, from silicon to solid-state, and drones to diggers

We are a spin-out company from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham

We deliver world-leading research to solve the most challenging problems in industry

Bespoke and patented methods to extract physical, electrochemical, and thermal properties that provide you with actionable insights for battery development.

Combining decades of battery research into a commercial platform for industry to access technologies at the scientific frontier.

We provide the tools and services

to enable your development


Thermal model


Equivalent circuit-based model

Explore Our Products

Advanced predictive technologies to optimise the energy, safety, and lifetime of your battery


Physics based model

We tailor to your workflow

Providing high accuracy models of your battery into existing software

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