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Erin Coyle

Business Development Analyst

Erin recently graduated from Imperial College London with a MSc in Physics. During her studies, she completed projects on comparing methods of carbon capture and developing an algorithm to measure cloud parameters using stereo vision with the aim to improve climate models. Erin also gained professional experience through an internship in asset management, where she was responsible for conducting in-depth competitor monitoring.

At About:Energy, Erin is an integral part of the business development team, taking on a variety of roles to support the company's growth and success. She leads the company’s marketing efforts, where she is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to effectively engage with the company's target audience. Erin is also involved in finance and investment, using her skills to help drive the company forward.

Erin is passionate about the environment and is committed to supporting the transition towards electrification. She believes that this transition is vital for preserving our planet. At the same time, Erin understands the importance of finding commercially viable solutions to drive the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Erin Coyle
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