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We’re based in both London and B’ham

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About:Energy is a world leading innovator in battery technology.

Founded on the belief that modelling can be used to accelerate the development of new battery technologies, About:Energy combines world-leading expertise in battery testing and software.


The data and models we create accelerate battery commercialisation by reducing the reliance on physical research, enhancing design, management, and prediction. This provides our partners a path to superior performance, improved sustainability, and lower cost. About:Energy dismantles the barriers that prevent companies digitalising R&D by creating a seamless modelling experience, from battery system to simulation.


Focused on helping our customers develop their technologies through accurate characterisation and modelling, these tools have allowed us to tailor solutions to the challenges faced by the battery industry. Contributing a small part to the commercialisation of energy storage technologies building a better planet.

Birmingham, UK


Three-electrode testing

Full cell electrochemical properties

Cell post-mortem analysis

Coin cell manufacturing

Pouch cell manufacturing


London, UK


Up to 200A per channel

Full cell thermal properties

Cell dissasembly

Coin cell manufacturing

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Cell thermal control testing rigs

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